Pastors and Local Church Leaders: A student from your church may be eligible to receive one of the Iowa Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministries’ Student Day Merit Award scholarships.  Please read the following criteria carefully and bring to the attention of students who qualify.  Note the March 15, 2013, deadline and that your church is entitled to make only one nomination.  Applications/Nominations should be endorsed by the Administrative Council or the equivalent committee in your local church structure.




Guidelines: Student Day Merit Award


1.  Awards are to Iowa United Methodist students who will attend/do attend a United Methodist college/university/seminary, (as recognized by the University Senate) this fall.  The institution does not need to be located in Iowa.


2.  Awards are for merit, in terms of academic performance, church (home church and/or campus ministries) and school/community involvement, financial need, special vocational preparation for ministry and other service. 


3. An applicant will be nominated by his/her local church. (ONE nomination per church.  More than one nomination will result in disqualification of all nominations from that church.)

     a. The student should complete the application form accompanying this announcement.  A letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, or school administrator is also to be included.

b. The sponsoring church must include with the student’s application a letter of recommendation describing the student’s involvement in church, school, community and other organizations, and why the nominee merits this recognition.  Applications/Nominations should be endorsed by the Administrative Council or an equivalent committee.

      c. This material, mailed/emailed in ONE PACKET, should be sent to


Medea Saunders
214 NW 9th St
Ankeny, IA 50023

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications electronically to with “STUDENT DAY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP” in the subject line.  Whether submitted electronically or mailed, applications MUST be received by March 15, 2013.


4.  These awards are made only for the 2013-2014 academic year.


5.  Awards are made to students as part of their/their family’s contribution to the cost of education.  Merit Awards are not intended to displace any other financial aid for which the student is eligible.                                                                                  


6.  The number of these $1000 awards is determined by the total amount received each year from the United Methodist Student Day Offering, 10% of which is rebated back to our Conference.


7.  Applicants will be notified by April 15, 2013.  An announcement of the 2013 Merit Awards will take place at Annual Conference in June.


8.  In case of unforeseen circumstance not expressly covered by the above guidelines, the BHECM will formulate appropriate procedures compatible with the spirit of the Guidelines.




Name:_________________________            email address (as of April 15th) ____________________


Postal Address (as of April 15th)                                                 Phone numbers (as of April 15th)

___________________________                                          Home  (       ) _____-_________

___________________________                                          Mobile (       ) _____-_________



I am a member of and nominated by the ______________________________ United Methodist Church

In the _______________________District.  My pastor(s) is/are ________________________________.


I (circle one) attend/have been accepted at __________________________________________, a United Methodist college/university this fall, where I will be a (circle one) full-time/part time student, as a (circle one) freshman/sophomore/junior/senior/graduate student.  My major or academic area(s) of interest is/are     _____________________________________________.


**Please attach a separate sheet, reflecting upon your qualifications for this Merit Award.

(see Guideline #2)  Please be specific!


Provide the name of a teacher, professor, or school administrator who knows the quality of your academic work:


Address:________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

            _________________________________________ email: ______________________________


Provide the name of a former employer, if you have had employment:


Address:________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

            _________________________________________ email: ______________________________


Provide the name of a person, other than your pastor or a relative, whom you have known over a period of years and who knows the quality of your character:


Address:________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

            _________________________________________ email: ______________________________


All of the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.  As a nominee for a Merit Award, I will continue to live up to the confidence my church has shown in me.  If I am chosen, I agree to the release of biographical information about me to local and conference media outlets.





__Letter of nomination/endorsement from the sponsoring church (see Guideline #3b)

__Student’s essay on qualifications for this award (see Guideline #2)

__High school/college transcript with G.P.A.

__Letter of recommendation from teacher/professor/school administrator


SEND TO: STUDENT DAY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE, Medea Saunders, 214 NW 9th St, Ankeny, IA 50023 or submit applications electronically to  with “STUDENT DAY MERIT SCHOLARSHIP” in the subject line.  Applications MUST be received by March 15th, 2013.


Sponsored by the Gerald and Pearl LaMotte, Jerry LaMotte and Beverly LaMotte Hupp scholarship funds of the First United Methodist Church

Boone, Iowa



  1. Applicant must be a member of the Boone First United Methodist Church.
  2. LaMotte Scholarship: Applicant must attend an accredited college or university.
  3. Hupp Scholarship: Applicant must attend an accredited nursing school.
  4. Applicant can be a graduating high school senior or current college student.
  5. Applicant must be a full-time student.
  6. Renewal applicants must be in good standing from the previous school year.
  7. Any monies granted for these scholarships will be payable to both the school and the applicant.
  8. Deadline is April 1 for applications and supporting materials for scholarships for the upcoming year to be submitted to the Memorial Committee Scholarship Chairperson.
  9. Scholarship materials to be submitted for consideration will include:
    1. This application filled out in full.
    2. An official copy of the student’s most recent transcript of grades.
    3. Three letters of recommendation.  (One of these should be from a representative of the student’s current school.)


(Note:  Information obtained is strictly confidential and will be used for educational purposes only.)

NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP (Circle one.) LaMotte Scholarship ~ Hupp Scholarship


STUDENT’S FULL NAME_______________________________________________


STUDENT’S ADDRESS_________________________________________________

                                             Street                                City                                  State


STUDENT’S PHONE (home)______________________   (cell)_________________


PARENT’S NAMES_____________________________________________________


PARENT’S ADDRESS___________________________________________________

                                                      Street                                             City                             State


FATHER’S OCCUPATION_________________________________________________


MOTHER’S OCCUPATION________________________________________________


Number of siblings that will be attending college next year_____________


NAME OF HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDED_____________________________________


HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION DATE______________________________________




In what extra curricular activities, including church, did you participate actively while attending high school (if not included on high school transcript)?___________________






While attending high school or college, have you held a part-time job during the school year?________________


If yes, list the last two jobs held:

  Employer                               Duties                           Hrs. Per Week       Hrly. Wage






Do you plan to work part-time while attending college?________


Do you plan to work summers while attending college?________


Will you be receiving other scholarships for next year?________


If yes, please list name and amount.______________________________________




Please explain your professional or vocational objectives._____________________




Please explain your reason for choosing this field.__________________________






YOUR CHOICE OF COLLEGE________________________________________


LOCATION OF COLLEGE___________________________________________


DATE TERM BEGINS___________________________


DATE PAYMENT MUST BE MADE TO COLLEGE________________________


APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE___________________________________________



Revised January 2011

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE___________________________________

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